July 13-16 Champ Camp

This is a tournament that you have to register online, which will also have the waiver included in the registration.

!! IMPORTANT !! DO NOT PAY WHEN YOU REGISTER !! We have collected the tournament fee in your summer payments. If you pay, it is very hard to get that money refunded. 

Please follow instructions below to complete the mandatory player registration and tournament waiver. Again, do not pay when you register.

Tournament Registration for the July 13-16 Champ Camp

The codes for the T2 2017 Team for the registration are:

Team Name: T2 2017 (May be listed as T2 2106/2017, it is getting changed)
Team Code: C1
Player Registration Instructions:
1. Go to the Registration by clicking on this LINK
2. Input Team Code: C1
3. Input Team Name: T2 2017
4. Complete the registration
5. When prompted for payment, do not pay. Your registration will show a balance due, disregard, as we will send in that team payment by July 1st.

An email confirming your registration will be sent immediately, please let us know if this is not received.