Boys Program



Congratulations to the T2 2013, T2 2014, T2 2015, T2 2016, T2 2017 Teams for their successful years with T2 Lacrosse. Below are the college commitments for the these players. Good luck with your college career.

T2 2013 Team

Nick Altmann‚ Hofstra University (D1)

Brandon Bailey‚ Stony Brook University (D1)

Ben Chisolm‚ University of Maryland (D1)

Spencer Coyle, United States Naval Academy (D1)

DJ Davis‚ Anne Arundel Community College (JuCo)

Mike Dennin, Colgate University (D1)

Brendan Duerr, Maritime College (D3)

Cole Duncan, Sacred Heart University (Football)

Luke Eshleman, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (D3)

Zack Franco, Hofstra University (D1)

Matt Gaskins, University of Maryland (D1)

Jake Gavin, Furman University (D1)

Hunter Gray, Trinity College (D3)

Arturo Hervada, Washington College (D3)

Will Hirschmann, University of Delaware (D1)

Ben Hummer, Norwich University (Football)

John Jennings, Anne Arundel Community College (JuCo)

Drew Johnson, Randolph-Macon College (D3)

David Jones, United States Naval Academy (D1)

Kyle Keblish, Gettysburg College (D3)

Tyler King, Frostburg State University (D3)

Conner Kipke, Furman University (D1)

Sam Mayer, Randolph- Macon College (D3)

Skyler Morse, High Point University (D1)

Taylor Morse, High Point University (D1)

Max O’Dell, Mount St. Mary’s College (D1)

Jake Pietras, University of South Carolina (Club)

Colin Reilly, Monmouth University (D1)

Neil Ruppert, Monmouth University (D1)

Nate Schilling, Hofstra University (D1)

Matt Wallace, Arizona State Universitity(Club)


2014 Players

Conner Bailey, United States Naval Academy, (D1)

Brian Cahill, Vermont (D1)

Nate Chisolm, Limestone College (D2)

Alex Collins, Wesley College (D3

George Degnon, Colorada State University, (MCLA)

Andrew Dirks, University of Delaware (D1

Matt Michalski, Catholic University (D3)

Billy O’Hara, UMBC (D1)

Jeremy Ross, Salisbury University (D3)

Michael Ward, Lycoming College (Football, D3)

Spencer Wood, Wooster College (D3)

Nick Wright, Limestone College (D2)

2015 Players 

Austin Bailey, United States Naval Academy (MCLA)

Tucker Bullen, Catholic University (Football, D3)

Mitchell Drake, Bates College (D3)

Julian Hall, University of Maryland (D1)

Cam King, Anne Arundel Community College (JuCo)

John Miller, Seton Hill (D2)

Josh Olshaw, Bridgewater (D3)

Gunnar Schimoler, UMBC (D1)

2016 Players

Mike Altmann, Hofstra (D1)

Davis Hitt, Randolph Macon (D3)

Chase Kipke, Ferrum (D3)

2017 Players

Geogee Martin, United States Naval Academy (D1)