2016 Tournament Links | T2 LACROSSE

Click on the tournament links below to find the schedule, field locations, and field layout. Schedules are usually posted 5 days prior to the tournament date. Schedules have been known to change within a day of the tournament start, please check schedule prior to leaving for the tournament.
June 11 Summer Terrapin Classic: Tournament Link
(T2 2017 and T2 2018 Teams)

June 12 Summer Terrapin Classic: Tournament Link
(T2 2019 Team)

June 18-19 Summer Exposure: www.hoganlax.com
(T2 2019 Team)

June 20-22 King of the Hill Team Camp: www.kohlacrosse.com
(T2 2017 and T2 2018 Teams)

June 23/24 UpLax Tournament: www.uplax.com

(T2 2017, T2 2018 and T2 2019 Teams)

July 13-16 Champ Camp: www.champcamp.com
(T2 2017 Team)

July 15-17 FLG in 3D: www.3Dlacrosse.com

(T2  2018 and T2 2019 Teams)

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